The Power of SUPERvision!

Effective supervision requires insight into how those you supervise work most effectively and efficiently. There's an art to that. Learn that art here.

This course provides supervisors and leaders with concepts to empower them with the vision required to lead themselves and others. Through personal introspection, interactive exercises, and group discussions, participants will become more effective supervisors and leaders in every aspect of their lives!

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the value of seeing yourself as an effective supervisor/leader

  • Understand the value of seeing your followers as Shining Stars

  • Understand the value of knowing how you’re seen as a leader

  • Understand the importance of envisioning the future with your team


What you will learn.

Through self-assessment, you’ll learn how to see yourself as successful by developing a personal vision and how to affect it in a positive way. You’ll learn how to see those you supervise in a way that you can help them empower themselves to succeed. The ultimate measure of your success is in how others see you. Learn how to affect that positively.

Why do you want to learn it?

The value of learning these concepts is in empowering those you supervise to achieve more than you expect. People always give more when they feel valued and valuable. These concepts help you understand how to make others feel valued and valuable. And they will make you feel so, as well.

How it will help you.

Employee turnover is one of the most expensive components of any business. Recruiting and training cost money and time. Effective supervisors strive to keep their best employees. Practicing the tenets of SUPERvision will empower you to empower your employees to excel at what they do and increase productivity and workplace health.

Target Audience

Mid-level Supervisors, business owners, and other senior leaders and executives who are involved in developing their workforce and their work culture to achieve sustainable success.

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