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We are the place for thought leadership and transformation that is foresight-focused.

Through research, training, consulting, and experiential learning, we equip leaders with the eyesight to deal with uncertainties, so they can either disrupt or transform their environments before facing disruption themselves.

We do this through leadership and foresight. Simplified, leadership is about finding direction and energizing action. Foresight is about developing a sense for the unknown and the unforeseeable. The best of the best employ both and become future-proof!


To change the way leaders and organizations know the future, solve problems, plan their futures, and sustain innovation.


Growing adaptable, innovative, future-oriented leaders who build futures that sustain their enterprises and their communities from generation to generation.

We are here because we care about you and the future of your organization.


Our founders formed this institute for people of all journeys and organizations of all kinds. With a heart for people and organizations, the institute is here to help leaders close the leadership foresight deficit.

Our founders have led organizations, built human capital, observed organizations, and helped organizations deal with change in both the public and private sectors.

In all of those decades, working with leaders, building organizations, and doing research on the future requirements of organizations, cities, and communities, they noted a deficit in the development and efficacy of leaders.

This deficit, they noted, has strengthened unhealthy sub-cultures in organizations and deprived the people and organizations of achieving their true potential. This deficit has also created high employee turnovers, has built inflexible organizations, has wasted employee and leadership potential, and has pushed creativity out of organizations. It is simply a situation created by the deficit in leadership foresight.

Knowing this and seeing this, the founders formed this institute for people of all journeys and organizations of all kinds. With a heart for people and organizations, the institute is here to help leaders close the leadership foresight deficit, so they can navigate through uncertainties and/or create new futures for their organizations.

The Institute for Leadership and Strategic Foresight is here because we believe there can be a better future, where people and their organizations (government, corporations, businesses, non-profits, and communities) can grow adaptable, innovative, and future-oriented to create prosperity and well-being for all and not just a few.


Many organizations can say they train leaders on the traditional leadership, change management, strategic planning, process improvement, etc. But just a handful of them (at best!) immerse in a curriculum that has leadership and strategy education with a futurist modeling perspective.

Many organizations can say they train leaders on leadership, change management, strategic planning, process improvement, etc. But just a handful of them (at best!) immerse in a curriculum that has leadership and strategy education with a futurist modeling perspective.

Why is that distinction important? Many of the just-mentioned traditional methodologies assume a linear time trajectory. Thus, leaders and organizations find their visions disrupted by the unexpected, unmotivated to plan for the future because “things will change.” Of course, they will! In the 21st century, one future is not enough.

The Institute’s programs are built at the intersection of innovative leadership and foresight practices. Foresight, among many things, is the ethic of leadership, providing the leader positioning power in the future because it takes leaders to the connections between causes and effects that debilitate or strengthen the trajectories of outcomes over time.

Our programs are built on this philosophy.


The advent of unexpected futures has proven tough to well-established organizations, governments, countries, and leaders. And to others, that advent has proven benevolent. Imagine how different your decisions would been as a leader or organization if you could have seen into the future.

The benefits of leadership education that is foresight-focused are clear.

Leaders and organizations…

  • can set the winning conditions for strategic change while remaining adaptive during execution.
    use predictive analysis to position their products and services to markets that will exist, even when they are not yet self-evident.
  • will be able to demonstrate the use of foresight methodology in the exposition of global issues affecting their organization’s future.
  • assess change in all of its components, to include its cultural dimensions while at the same time shaping this dimension to facilitate strategic transformation.
  • will be capable of using foresight tools to innovate, anticipate uncertainties, lead, and create paths to their chosen futures.


Our courses are completely interactive, student-driven to enhance exploration and discovery. We believe that the best way to learn is through facilitated exploration. Therefore, our programs aim at engaging the students in all their senses through role-playing, project activities, storytelling, student-to-student teaching, and more.

Introduction to Strategic Foresight

Imagine if you could look into the future. How different would your decisions be? This course is an overview of the foresight maturity process and one leadership foresight tool to help leaders become future-ready, in turn, building leadership capacity to anticipate, mobilize, and manage resources efficiently.

Certified Change & Futures Practitioner (CCFP)

Organizations need leaders who can deal with uncertainty and the rapid emergence of futures in the horizon. It’s not enough to immerse an organization into outdated strategic planning methods that fail to recognize the changing nature of an organization’s ecosystem. The Certified Change & Futures Practitioner (CCFP) is here to help leaders accelerate thinking and change action in the organization by leading futures exploration, analysis of organizational strategies, stress-test them, and build anticipatory architectures that will sustain the organization’s change and futures journey.

Introduction to Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics

Disruption happens, most times, as the unintended consequence of the time-lag effect of poorly designed solutions that connect systems (all things are connected). Instead of dealing with these effects, leaders can shape and forecast outcomes, by changing their forms of thinking, facilitating better posturing of the organization, leaders, resources, and innovation. This is the first course in a series of three designed to introduce leaders to Systems Thinking.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence influences the way leaders perceive, express, develop, maintain social relationships, and effectively cope with challenges. Using the EQ-i 2.0 model, participants will walk through and assign personal meaning to self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management, so they can improve leadership capacity.

Coaching Certification

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire and create personal and professional growth. Coaching is a critical, yet essential part of leadership programs because it provides mature, skilled, experienced leaders who are capable of guiding their team through the rigors of professional development. The coaching process is known to unlock previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership in leaders at all levels. If you want to maximize the potential in others or want to become a Certified Coach, we have programs to help you do that! Contact us for more details.


Leading with a Growth Mindset

Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset understand the concepts of Fixed and Growth Mindsets, so that we can challenge our personal status quo to continue growing and learning.  The ability to learn from our past is important to be a well-rounded member of the organizational team and gain the ability to practice elements of strategic foresight.  Growth Mindset is a key differentiator when deciding whether to accept risky or challenging assignments, chart future career pathways, or lead with confidence. 

Project Management & Project Management Fundamentals Courses

Adhering to industry best practices in the management of projects in organizations reduces risks, cut costs, and improved the chances that initiatives are completed on time and within constraints. Yet, although these facts are well known, many leaders still lack project management skills. These courses introduce leaders to the basics of project management. It covers the well-known industry-standard methodology from the Project Management Institute’s Body of knowledge.


Certified Six Sigma Green/Black Belt Courses

Six Sigma is a fact-based, data-driven philosophy of improvement that values defect prevention over defect detection. It drives customer satisfaction and bottom-line results by reducing variation and waste. We offer certification programs in these courses as well as Lean methodologies. Call us for details or to get enrolled in our next class.


Risk Management

This course focuses on learning a risk management process, so leaders can learn to evaluate the weight of decisions against mission priorities, resources, and plausible futures. The course sessions are grounded on the knowledge leaders have acquired about future exploration, trends, but in addition, they apply a risk methodology to a real organizational problem.

Brainstorming & Problem Solving

Those organizations and teams that can turn perceived problems into opportunities, and those opportunities into creative, profitable endeavors win! This course is designed to give teams and organizations practical problem-solving techniques that can be easily followed and applied immediately.


Organizational Assessments:

Culture Assessments

Organizational Assessments

Leader and Leadership Skills Assessments

Research on Leadership Special Interest Items

Focused Coaching:

Organizational Coaching

Executive Coaching

Team Coaching

Business Performance Coaching

Leading with Strategic Foresight

In today’s unpredictable, ever-changing, always evolving environment, organizations not only need but require leadership and transformation that is foresight-focused.  Through research, training, consulting, and experiential learning, this course equips leaders with the eyesight to deal with uncertainties, so they can either disrupt or transform their environments before facing disruption themselves.


The Founders





Dr. José A. Lugo Santiago, ASQ CMQ/OE, PMP, CSSMBB

He is an accomplished Senior Executive Leader, U.S Air Force Veteran, Published Author, Entrepreneur, and Keynote Speaker with +20 years of experience living abroad, managing and transforming organizations, leading, and developing thousands of personnel. He is experienced in the creation and deployment of organizational strategy, quality systems and process improvement, and the implementation of corrective actions derived from conducting domestic and global operations. He earned a doctorate in Strategic Leadership and Foresight from Regent University. His doctorate research has been published as a textbook in the subject area by international academic publisher giant Palgrave MacMillan.

Mr. Timmothy M. Dickens, PCC, C-IQ

He is a Certified Executive Coach and Assessment Subject Matter Expert. He served honorably for over 32 years, culminating an exemplary leadership career as the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Director, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and Commander, Joint Task Force—Global Network Operations (JTF-GNO), Arlington, Va.  He ensured a capable and effectively utilized workforce of 2,000 joint service members and 5,000 DoD Civilians assigned in 88 locations/19 time zones worldwide. Mr. Dickens’ focus continues to be “Capacity Building” in individuals and teams through executive, career, and business coaching, resiliency programs, and organizational and workforce education

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